Fynn’s Top Dog of the Month: Elissa Gillian—Product Manager

At Fynn, we believe that the collection and application of novel data powered by modern technology will transform senior living. We deliver that transformation through intuitive, purpose-built products that connect, inform, and empower the modern senior care ecosystem. 

Meet one of the leaders responsible for the definition, creation, and validation of those products–Product Manager, Elissa Gillian. Elissa oversees many of the products and features that are core to the Fynn platform including the Fynn Connect app (for owners and management teams), Fynn’s Resident Onboarding system, and the Fynn Resident Assessment tool.

She works closely with customers and prospects to understand the challenges they face in their communities before collaborating with Fynn’s engineers to develop scalable solutions to those problems. Once developed, Elissa helps customers to deploy those solutions, configures them for specific communities, and gathers feedback to continuously improve the Fynn platform.

“Elissa is a selfless team player and excellent Product Manager. Her breadth of experience in both product and operations allows her to truly understand our customers’ problems to create solutions that not only address them but do so in a way that makes implementing, supporting, and using those solutions easy. People fall in love with technologies that are useful and intuitive,” said Chief Technology Officer John Thomas, “and Elissa has a unique ability to solve hard problems in a simple way.” 

Elissa’s experience over the last 12 years spans customer service, implementation, IT, and product at software companies in the healthcare and nonprofit spaces. We at Fynn are proud to have her on our team and look forward to all the great things she will continue to do for Fynn. 

“I love the creativity opportunities that come from building products that solve hard problems,” Elissa said. “There is always a path forward—it just may not be the one you thought about or the one you planned for.”

To learn more about Fynn’s team and how we can help you transform your community operations, contact sales@fynn.io. You can also stay up to date by following us on LinkedIn and tuning into our blog for more articles on the latest research, ideas, and team members impacting our industry.