Master the art and science of successful senior living.

Improve resident wellbeing, forecast costs, and drive NOI with Fynn’s comprehensive senior living platform.

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Anticipate changing needs and optimize shifts

Get full visibility into resident and employee wants, needs, frustrations, and motivators. Fynn’s proprietary AI combines ambient sensor data with staff-observed resident behaviors, so decision-makers can accurately support changes in resident and employee needs.  

  • Maximize resident well being with the appropriate level of care 
  • Ensure accurate billing and improved workload balancing
  • Reward employee performance and decrease turnover 

Stay on top of your community.

Engage your employees.


Connect and inform families, care teams, and owners

Fynn captures and shares real-time data across stakeholders so owners, managers, employees, and families can take action on what matters most to them. 

  • Give families confidence and peace of mind 
  • Streamline family and care team communication 
  • Provide transparent and complete reporting to owners 


Build transparency and trust


Proactively manage communities

Optimize all aspects of community operations in a single solution. Fynn tracks resident, employee, and asset trends, alerting operators of potential risks and generating actionable insights for effective solutions.

Fynn uncovers leading indicators of community performance allowing stakeholders to:

  • Improve resident satisfaction, wellbeing, and retention 
  • Increase market demand and sales productivity
  • Power operational efficiency and optimize occupancy

Visual overview of your communities.

Keep track of your staff.


Better outcomes for all

Happier residents, motivated employees, and streamlined operations help you forecast costs and drive NOI while improving community value and resident well-being. 

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Drive NOI & Community Well-being