Fynn’s Top Dog of the Month: Tarannum Khan—Associate Staff Engineer

Behind each of Fynn’s intuitive products is a talented team of developers dedicated to building straightforward solutions to senior living’s most complex challenges. Developing intelligent technology that works the way people do requires establishing a team-first mindset and a seamless workflow for continual improvement.

Meet one of the star players leading one of Fynn’s largest SCRUM teams—Associate Staff Engineer, Tarannum Khan. Tarannum, better known as Tara, uses a servant-leadership style to maintain a positive and highly productive environment for her team, the “Eagles”.

Central to the software development world, a SCRUM team is a cross-functional group of developers focused on the continuous improvement of a product achieved in time-bound initiatives known as “sprints”. Tara’s team is largely focused on developing Fynn Community, a holistic operational platform for proactive senior living. She not only ensures the Eagles team has what it needs to succeed but personally contributes to building the product itself as a member of Fynn’s Architecture Committee. She brings highly valued experience from companies like IBM and has moved up quickly in her career. Tara’s work helps shape the day-to-day for Fynn’s team members and the future of technology at Fynn.

“She is a great mentor to her team and a key contributor on all Fynn Community projects—specifically on scheduling and assessments functionality in Fynn Community. This sprint, she’s helping to architect Fynn Credential, which will be Fynn’s single sign-on (SSO) solution. This project will be a game-changing part of Fynn’s suite of software components.” said Kristofer Pelchat Vice President of Engineering.

Tara not only builds “game-changing” technology but is a “game-changer” herself. She recently helped a team of 50 engineers move through a critical product need that would dramatically improve the user experience for all Fynn customers. Addressing this need could have taken several weeks to fix; however, through Tara’s guidance and contributions, the fix was put into production within a few days. In another recent project, Tara found ways to help the Eagles complete a particularly challenging third-party integration. Her expertise has helped Fynn deliver product requests on time and with the quality and customization customers have come to expect from Fynn.

“In addition to her great technical expertise, Tara is a pleasure to work with, bringing her honesty and humor to the table every day. We are so very proud to work alongside her and look forward to the great things she will continue to do at Fynn,” said Kristofer.

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