Fynn’s Top Dog of the Month: Molly Snyder — Customer Training Leader

Having the materials and equipment to succeed at work is a key indicator in Gallup’s Q12 employee engagement survey. By better-equipping employees, the study concluded businesses could increase profitability, reduce safety incidents, and improve quality. Recognizing the importance of empowering employees, Fynn’s Training Leader Molly Snyder comes alongside senior living staff to ensure they have the tools and training they need to succeed with Fynn.

Molly leverages her previous experience as a teacher to provide a straightforward and encouraging training process for senior living employees learning to use Fynn. Working shoulder-to-shoulder, she sets customers up for success from the start via on-site training during new community Go-lives followed by ongoing support. As Fynn continues to launch new product features, Molly keeps customers up-to-date with bi-weekly release notes, tips-and-tricks documents, training videos, and updated user guides.

“Molly’s background allows her to connect with our users during their training sessions, understand that everyone learns differently, and help them navigate the system patiently and on their terms,” said Rachel Martinez VP of Operations at Fynn. 

In addition to leading training, Molly serves as an advocate working on behalf of senior living teams. She plays an instrumental role in end-user testing and validation to verify customers have a seamless user experience and identify new user needs. She acknowledges that everyone, from Executive Directors to Caregivers to Sales Managers and more, has a valuable perspective that needs to be heard. 

“Showing up for your people every day, keeping a positive attitude, and making everybody feel like ‘a somebody’ are three things that are so important to me,” Molly said. “By working together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of seniors and of one another.” 

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