5 Ways to Build ESG into Your Strategic Planning – Part 5: Building Holistic Care Collaboration

This article is part of our ongoing ESG in Senior Living series. Be sure to read our previous articles “5 Reasons ESG Initiatives Should Be In Your Strategic Plan” and Parts 1-4 of this series found on our blog for additional background and information. We’re wrapping up this series with a focus on ways Fynn can help senior living operators improve care coordination and collaboration across the senior health ecosystem. 


The CDC reports that “approximately 85% of 65+ adults have at least one chronic health condition, and 60% have at least two chronic conditions.” The National Institute on Aging recognizes managing multiple conditions across multiple physicians, care plans, medication, etc. is challenging for seniors and the people and communities who care for them. While aligning and transforming the entire senior care system into a Health Sustainability system requires considerable effort across policymakers, hospital systems, insurance, and more, Fynn is helping operators encourage holistic care collaboration through:

  • Better communication through easy bi-directional messaging to promote collaboration across owners, operators, employees, resident families, and permissioned third parties such as physicians or therapists
  • Reducing care inefficiencies and redundancies by breaking through existing information silos with third-party integrations and user-specific dashboards
  • Comprehensive and longitudinal data collection and analysis through simplified real-time data recording and sharing
  • Informing and aligning all senior care stakeholders with a single source of accurate and timely information to anticipate needs and make informed decisions for themselves and/or others

By proactively addressing ESG goals, senior living leaders can help seniors, families, employees, communities, and future generations live healthier and happier. Download our 1-page guide, “ESG in Senior Living: 5 Reasons and Initiatives to Include in Your Strategic Plan and One Tool to Help You Do It”, to help you jump-start your 2023 ESG Planning.

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