CREATE-ing Health Sustainability through technology.

As governments and multinational organizations prepare for a globally aging world, senior living can and must do its part by creating Health Sustainability for seniors and those who care for them. Fynn is committed to “helping it happen”.

We’re taking action to inspire action.

Researching and investing in evidence-based solutions

Collaborating with leaders from Silicon Valley to Atlanta and beyond, Fynn’s designated Research Team is digging into findings from experts in the geriatric health, science, and tech fields.

Guided by the CREATE framework

Our multi-stakeholder solution is designed and developed using the CREATE Framework—a Health Sustainability guide built for and by senior living operators. Using this framework ensures that our tech is 100% aligned with change-producing objectives.

Empowering all stakeholders to advance health

Fynn’s comprehensive platform is purposefully built in light of identified gaps so senior living innovators have a sophisticated tool with the brains (intelligence and analysis via AI) and the brawn (complete senior living operations management system) to build Health Sustainability.

Accepting ethical business responsibility

As an advocate for Health Sustainability, Fynn seeks to empower senior living to advance health and reach the triple bottom line.

Together, we can help seniors and future generations live healthier and happier.

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