Fynn Care

Walking “the Walk” to Proactive Care Talk

While there has been a lot of buzz about “proactive care”, few solutions exist to help operators make positive changes before a negative event or incident occurs. Fynn Care is here to change that with a user-friendly mobile app that gives senior living teams real-time actionable insights for truly proactive care.

Lights, Camera, Anticipatory Action: Meet Fynn Care

Empowering proactive care requires sophisticated yet straightforward tools that:

  • Give the ability to anticipate and intervene based on leading indicators rather than reacting to historical information
  • Accommodate the real-world needs of seniors and employees

Just as Fynn Connect is tailored to the needs of owners and Fynn Companion is designed for families, Fynn Care specializes in meeting busy care teams where they are, empowering employees and residents to reach the goals that matter most to them. To efficiently and effectively support senior living care teams, Fynn Care is uniquely built to:

  • Improve the User Experience – Designed to fit the real-world needs of everyday users, Fynn’s native mobile app is device agnostic, works online or offline, can be learned in 5 minutes or less, and comes with hands-on support from Fynn’s Customer Ops team
  • Provide Everything You Need in 5 Minutes (or Less) – Created to improve staff awareness and efficiency, Fynn Care provides an intuitive hub for secure storage, improved care accountability, seamless communication, and actionable insights in real-time
  • Enable Earlier Detection for Truly Proactive Care – Through novel data collection and machine learning, Fynn equips care teams with empirical data trends rather than scattered, reactive, and/or anecdotal details

Fynn Care App

Caring for residents is a hands-on job, so we developed a native mobile app for CNAs to efficiently complete ADLs, track progress, and stay informed from the palm of their hand…in other words, no more sorting through binders, trying to decipher handwriting, or charting from desktops


The first feature of Fynn’s e-MAR, MedPass is designed for CMAs to efficiently and accurately distribute medications—boosting care accountability and adherence to prescribed medications

At-risk Resident

Using continual behavioral analysis, Fynn flags residents who may be experiencing changes in acuity by highlighting the resident profile and providing a “playbook” for deeper investigation

Fynn Care App v 1.0

Fynn Care is a device-agnostic native mobile app designed to improve senior living care quality and efficiency. With Fynn Care, busy care teams are empowered by an intuitive hub to easily complete all ADL tasks, view and acknowledge shift change notes, receive important resident information, and track progress in real-time. By keeping staff fully informed and on-task, Fynn Care helps teams improve care consistency, accountability, and experience for both residents and employees.

Version 1.0 of the Fynn Care app is now available. The app is focused on efficient ADL task management and at-risk resident identification for truly proactive care.

More updates are coming soon. Join us on our journey to advancing proactive care by following along on LinkedIn.