America’s Boomers Need Health Sustainability…But How?

Between rising costs, labor shortages, and changing preferences, senior living knows it needs scalable change to support America’s aging Boomers and future generations. Shifting from providing reactive care to building sustainable health is critical. With the right tools and a commitment to change, operators can revolutionize the future of healthy aging. 

Without innovation, the senior care ecosystem will be “underwater” by 2030.

Senior living leaders are painfully aware of the gaps but don’t have the right tools to fix them.

The US Census Bureau estimates that 21% of America’s population (73 million Boomers) will be 65+ as of 2030. This unprecedented influx of seniors has been dubbed the “gray wave” or “silver tsunami” by legislators, media such as Forbes, and research within the National Library of Medicine

As the “silver tsunami” approaches, public policymakers and the private sector find themselves asking the same question: 

“What happens in 2030 when nearly a quarter of America’s population is 65+… especially when over 14.4 million of them can’t afford traditional assisted living?”

Numbers based on US Census data and “The Forgotten Middle: Many Middle-Income Seniors Will Have Insufficient Resources for Housing and Health Care” by Health Affairs Journal.

Major gaps to address include lack of transparent communication, senior-scale environments, proactive care, and senior health innovation. While the World Health Organization (WHO) provides evidence-based guidance for municipalities to address a globally aging world, senior living leaders remain with the burning questions of HOW we:

  • address the middle market while optimizing NOI? 
  • find and retain valuable employees? 
  • adjust to increasing expectations from consumers and policymakers? 
  • make senior living a sustainable option for current and future generations? 

Due to a deficit of meaningful senior health innovation, senior living lacks the intelligent and intuitive tools necessary to address the “hows”. For years, operators have pieced together reactive and retrofitted care, accounting, scheduling, and reporting systems only to have vital information continue to fall through the cracks. 

Senior living is past the point of “duct tape”. We need creative disruption. Enter, Fynn.

We are committed to innovating, advocating, and educating for change.

Fynn creates purpose-built tools that help you CREATE sustainable health for individuals and communities.

Fynn’s comprehensive platform is purposefully-built in light of the identified gaps. With Fynn, senior living innovators have a sophisticated tool with the brains (intelligence and analysis via AI) and the brawn (complete senior living operations management system) to build Health Sustainability. 

Health Sustainability is both a conceptual and an actionable approach to transforming the availability, efficiency, and quality of senior living options and operations. It ensures that America’s rapidly growing senior population can live life to the fullest with the support, care, and affordable options to meet wants and needs and give families, senior living operators, and their communities tools to make that happen.

Our multi-stakeholder solution is designed and developed using the CREATE framework—a Health Sustainability guide built for and by senior living operators. Using this framework ensures that our technology is 100% aligned with change-producing objectives. These objectives are categorized within CREATE’s 6 steps to Health Sustainability for senior living: 

Care and community harmony

Relational spaces

Empowered health journeys

Anticipatory support

Transparent intent and actions

Ethical Commitment


Let’s transform the lives of seniors and those who care for them.

Together, we can maximize the triple bottom line—people, planet, profit.

With the right tools and shared commitment, we can minimize senior health burdens and maximize sustainable health. As an advocate for Health Sustainability, Fynn seeks to empower senior living to advance health and reach the triple bottom line — a “sustainable business strategy” recognized by Harvard Business School and used by sustainability leaders such as IBM, Patagonia, and more. 

Fynn helps senior living support people, the planet, and profit in these key ways: 


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